January 23, 2012 4:45 pm

Red Flag #79: She has an abnormal amount of pink possessions…

Red Flag #79: She's obssessed with pinkWe’re not telling you to ditch your favorite pink sweatshirt or even give up on frosting your birthday cake in coral. Pink is a perfectly fine color in moderation. But when you pull out your fuchsia JUICY COUTURE sweatpants and matching Victoria’s Secret PINK tote, don’t be surprised if we go running for the hills.

Maybe your pink obsession came at a young age when Mom decided that every inch of your room would be much cuter in shades of magenta and rose. Or maybe you used pink early on as a differentiator from boys, their yucky cooties and their “no girls allowed” tree houses. Whatever the reason, when taken to the extreme, an obsession with pink raises several red flags.

For example: Are you incredibly girly and high-maintenance? Are you basing your next car purchase solely on whether or not you can stick a flower in the dashboard? Are you ONLY friends with girls that were in your sorority? Hopefully you’re starting to see how quickly a pink cell phone cover, matching iPad case, and ruffled bedspread can send men into a red flag panic attack. If you’re still not getting it, just think back to that time you walked into a guy’s place that was decked floor-to-ceiling in sports memorabilia. Yeah, see what we mean? We’re cool with you rallying for pink, just like you should be cool with us supporting our favorite team, but take any fandom too far and things start to get weird.

If you’re staring around your room having an ah-ha moment of why the last few guys you’ve brought home have high-tailed it for the door, don’t stress. The first step to remedying the situation is to do a little house cleaning. After you’ve tossed the Hello Kitty shower curtain and pink Kitchen-aid mixer, be extra-conscious to take it easy from here on out. Lightly accessorize via painted nails or a discreet pink wallet. If you’re unclear on whether you’ve succeeded in effectively kicking your habit, call a guy over and have him do a walk-through of your pad. Even after all of the above, you’d still be wise to throw out a few clues that you’re not just a girly-girl.

Accomplish this by requesting a guy-friendly date such as go-karting, video gaming at the local arcade or watching a game at the pub.

Just don’t rock a pink jersey.

You decide: how red is this flag?
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  • Gothy girl

    I shudder at the room in the pic I like BURNING barbies not PLAYING with Barbies my room is based on BLUE and BLACK not pink

  • Logic

    MY EYES!

  • edjkfh

    da fuq. Just because someone likes the color pink and has pink her bedroom isnt gonna send guys running. stupid.

  • Anna

    I totally agree that too much pink is bad, however… I don’t see anyone throwing out a $250 mixer… even if it is pink. Just saying!

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