September 14, 2012 3:35 pm

Red Flag #6: She uses “no sex” as a form of punishment…

Red Flags SexConsider this: the President of the United States, Barack Obama, has the power to blow the world to smithereens at the push of a button for any reason whatsoever. His power is tremendous. He could say “Hey China, why you being such a bitch?” and poof, they gone. He could say, “Hey dude in Africa who likes to kill people, why you acting a fool?” and peace out, he gone. Whether it’s a country that’s pissing him off, a republican making a personal attack against him, or somebody scuffing up his Pumas, he can pursue any form of punishment he desires. It’s an extreme example, but the point is clear – there is a difference between having power… and abusing power.

For the women who have refused to have sex as a means of punishing their boyfriend or husband, there’s a major question mark around their appreciation for sex, as well as their consideration that they can dictate when, where, and how the act goes down. That’s a scary proposition for guys.

To be clear, we are by no means saying that your guy doesn’t deserve the punishment. We can be the biggest idiots, assholes, losers, dicks, and jerks. In fact he may have done something so bad that all of those words combined can’t effectively represent your feelings. You may have tried everything already in order to address the situation, and you are confident that you’ll “show him” by taking away the thing he wants most. He’ll learn his lesson, right?

Like a mother grounding her son from playing video games, it doesn’t work that way. It may have a short-term effect, at which point you’ll think it worked, but the long-term implications involve a lot of resentment and pent up anger toward you.

Refusing sex in the name of punishment also begs to question whether you really enjoy having sex, or whether you see it as a means to an end – something you just do on occasion because you are in a relationship, and something you do at a specific time later in life to have a baby.

The kind of woman that a guy wants? He wants the one who wouldn’t DARE deny sex… because she knows she would be punishing herself just as much.

You decide: how red is this flag?
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  • Isaiah Headen

    This post should be longer and argue the point in a deeper way. You’re right, but you would lose the argument in real life.

    • Josh Davis


  • Rae

    Honestly if she’s forced to do this would she even WANT to have sex with you? If I was ever in a position so drastic I had to withhold sex, I’m assuming the guy pissed me off something fierce. So I probably wouldn’t even want to see his face let alone straddle that face.

  • Amanda

    I think you’re right for the most part, but I do believe that women should be allowed to manipulate men with sex. That sounds fucking evil, but think about it.

    “Oh baby, oh my god. Let’s fuck. Right after you clean out the fridge.”
    Men would never do anything if sex weren’t an incentive.

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