January 3, 2012 7:51 pm

Red Flag #50: She doesn’t call her dad…

Red Flag #50: She doesn't call her dad...We know that your dad’s only requests when you were growing up were that he get the big piece of chicken at dinner and that you stay off the pole (hat tip to Chris Rock), but he’d also appreciate a phone call every once in awhile. 

Dad secretly hopes you’ll call him every once in awhile the same way he secretly hopes you are still a virgin when you graduate high school, and you date guys in your same race, and you never tell Mom about the stash of Playboys you found hidden in the trunk of the family station wagon. It’s not something he’s going to talk about with you, but it’s on his mind.

If we’ve been dating a girl a few weeks and she hasn’t called her dad during that stretch, our red flag radar starts to go off. We assume girls who don’t regularly call their dads either have bad daddies, no daddies, or they’ve done something mighty awful to piss Dad off.  None of those perceptions work in your favor.

Showing your pops a little love by giving him a phone call every once in awhile goes a long way towards showing us what kind of wife and family woman you’ll be down the road. It also shows us that you can establish a stable and healthy relationship with a man. You’ll score bonus points if we happen to be around when you do give Dad a call.

If your dad isn’t in your life or the relationship is beyond repair for reasons out of your control, then we understand. But if there is another male father figure in your life, let us know about him and, of course, be sure to give him a call every once in a while.

If you want to call Dad, but you just don’t know what to say, have no fear. There are three topics that every Dad likes to talk about: inclement weather patterns in the area, his last golf outing, and neighbors who are too loud, unfaithful to their spouses, or poor landscapers.

Having a predetermined topic in place should help the conversation flow better and prevent your dad from straying to questions about when he can introduce you to that nice Tommy fellar from the Bingo Hall and if you can instruct him on how to operate his DVR device with the TV remote.

You decide: how red is this flag?
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  • Unconvinced

    This one I cannot agree with; some people (male or female) are just not born lucky enough to have others that love and support them who belong to both sexes. It doesnt make them unable to fulfil the needs of their future partner. To redflag something that is beyond the control of the individual is both unfair and juvenile.

  • le_true

    this comment is like a million times funnier than this whole website.

  • autumn

    I’ve lived my whole life without a dad, and I am happy, strong, and able to think for myself. Oh, and have been in a long term relationship, thank you. This whole website… disgusting. I pray fro those who believe this crap.

  • Guest

    What a close minded author. Best of luck to him and his children surviving in the world.

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