January 10, 2013 5:30 pm

Red Flag #48: She’s neutral in the Tupac vs. Biggie debate…


Sorry, what was that? You don’t like rap music? Cool, well I don’t like abortion either but at least I can pick a side.

You can slap us on the wrist for using abortion as a literary device, but (A) you’re probably the one who is single, and (B) the point is this: most normal people will have an opinion on the Tupac vs. Biggie debate.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these two upstanding citizens, that’s a red flag all in itself. For others, though, maybe you just need a little background so you can make a decision.

Tupac Shakur


Nicknames: 2Pac, a.k.a. Makeveli, a.k.a. ‘Pac

Coast: West

What makes him great: referred to by some as the “martyr of gangsta rap”, one thing that made this guy so amazing was that he wore his heart on his sleeve – his unique, hard, tough-guy voice taking you into the drug-ridden, murderous streets of Oakland on one track – and that same unique, still harder than most but somehow brother-like voice taking you to epic parties full of booze and women – and the same man declaring his love for his mother (and all mothers) that are so important to men who grow up without a father. The dude was just that – a dude. He wasn’t afraid of you and what you thought, he just wanted to make music that expressed what a lot of people feel.

Christopher WallaceBiggie

Nicknames: The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, Biggie

Coast: East

What makes him great: Biggie was a lyricist – his rhymes being smoother and more complex than people had ever heard before. While most overweight dudes think they’re cool by eating more wings or drinking more beer than their regular-sized friends, Biggie didn’t even bother with trying to be cool. He had a quiet confidence and a subtle swagger that made him cool just by being himself.

Whether you want to base your opinion on the music, or on the coast they represented, or on who you think was right or wrong in their long-running feud, their impact on the genre of rap music is so huge that you should at least have some opinion on the subject.

Just please, whatever you do…don’t mention the word Kanye.

You decide: how red is this flag?
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  • random european

    Does not being from the USA count as an excuse for this one?

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