January 27, 2013 3:19 pm

Red Flag #18: She’s a hair twirler…


Guys can be somewhat indifferent to certain womanly habits, especially when we’re just trying to get laid. We can deal with the…like…totally awesome stories about you and Michelle and Kristy and Julie when you…like..did that crazy thing and you were…like…so embarrassed but it was like so funny.

We also don’t mind all that much when we’re out and you spend so much time in the bathroom with your friends. We’re not sure what goes on in there, but the view has been disappointing thus far. Walking past a half-open door to the women’s room is like getting a sneak peek of the latest Adam Sandler movie – we could stand there all day, and it’s probably not getting any better.

There are a host of other habits that we can easily ignore, but one that involves you twirling your hair every second as if you have a child’s toy on your head? It’s not sexy, it’s not “cute”, and it’s not a good way to flirt with guys.

We know, we know. You read an article one time titled “10 Ways to Flirt” or “How to Make Him Want You”, and it seemed to work, right? Well, high school is over, and if you’re in the market for any kind of serious relationship, looking like a complete airhead is not a good start.

Also, have you ever thought about how distracting it is? You already know that a guy’s attention span is only as long as his… well, not very long…  so the last thing we need is another way for us to let our eyes wander as we forget about everything you’re saying. It’d be like going out with a guy who constantly rubs his chin or something. Rico Suave needs to stop touching that stupid-ass soul patch, already, k?

At the root of the issue (ha), though, is a bigger worry that you are insecure. Twirling your hair adds some level of comfort to you when you’re anxious, and just like pushing your food around with your fork or making besties with your cell phone in social situations, you’re unconsciously reminding yourself of a time when you were a little girl and you felt much more at ease.

If you’re sitting there twirling your hair right now because of how nervous we’re making you… well, it’s probably time to address the underlying issue. But if you’re sitting there questioning this red flag and defending your #1 flirt move or you’re saying “whatever, it’s just a habit of mine”, there’s not much more we can say. But I guess it’s probably better than eating a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey every time you’re nervous, right?


You decide: how red is this flag?
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  • Mark

    hahaha what BS, hair twirling?? most of the time us guys won’t even notice you doing it unless hes gay.

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