December 9, 2011 12:31 pm

Red Flag #64: She only dates [Insert: Race] guys…

Red Flag #64: She only dates [Insert Race] guysMost men shudder when a woman says she ONLY dates white guys, or black guys, or Latin guys, or Asians. Well, that last one never happens, but we’ll come back to that.

First off, it frustrates men when women are arrogant enough to think they can flat out eliminate an entire race from their dating pool. Most women should be learning new languages and joining multiple online dating sites just to expand their playing field of eligible mates. Instead, these women would prefer to restrict their dating pool right off the bat.

Beyond the egotism, she is probably also racist, grew up in an ignorant household, and votes straight line Republican. On the bright side, she’s probably not an Apple groupie. They collect interracial relationships like Silly Bandz.

It’s fine to have a preference. I prefer ethnic-looking women who skew towards racial ambiguity.  Girls like Alba, Fuentes, and Kardashian, with poreless skin, thick lips, and thick hips. I’ve never dated one but my girlfriend feels threatened by these women and she always gives me sexy time after she sees them on TV, so mission accomplished.

It’s when preference becomes exclusion, that a race fetish becomes a real problem. For example:

#1: Some girls will ONLY date WHITE guys because their parents would sternly punish them with disappointed white person head shakes if they brought home anyone whose skin tone was a shade darker than their own. This is why I got nervous before school dances during baseball season. My face, arms, and neck would get real tan so when I picked up a girl before the dance, I’d be nervous her parents would think I was part Mexican and ask to me to edge their lawn before we left. It only happened once, but I’m quick with an edger; even better with a weed eater.

#2: Sometimes a girl will ONLY date BLACK guys because she assumes they all walk with a confident swagger, have moves like Jagger, and possess cocks that’ll gag her. All my black friends have impressive walking styles, dance decently, and claim to have Magnum-filling rods so maybe this is true. But more than likely, if a non-black girl only dates black guys it’s because she wants to give a giant F-U to her oppressive father or she’s got a big butt and black men are the only ones who want to smack it.  If a black girl will ONLY date black guys, it’s because she doesn’t want to let down her race by playing the field. She also probably tried a white dude or two and decided the future increase in her socioeconomic status was not enough to make up for the disparity in dick size.

#3: Some women claim to ONLY date LATIN guys because Latin men are fiercely loyal, they are great dancers (and swimmers), and they’re guaranteed to want more than one child. The truth is, these women just want cheap weed or they only speak Spanish and have no other options.

#4: As I said earlier, very few women claim they ONLY date ASIANS. Not even Asian girls claim they ONLY date Asians, instead many Asian women claim to love white boys. I find this absurd, even though it’s benefited me in letting me indulge my Asian fetish on more than one occasion. At first I think it’d suck to be Asian, but on second thought I’m thinking of all my Asian buddies and know that they could care less. They’re too busy shopping for new sneakers and chasing after white girls.

You decide: how red is this flag?
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  • weed wacker

    The first question that always gets asked when discussing weed wackers is, “what is the difference between a weed wacker and a weed eater?” Well, in short – nothing. They both are neighborhood terms, depending on where you grew up, to define in technical terms a “string trimmer”.

  • *Johanna*

    ok the paragraph about dating a latin guys is so FUCKING RACIST because that is not trueee!!! you guys need to think before writting….im a latina and i date latin guys and i speak spanish and english go to college and let me tell you something white and black guys die for us!!! and withe girls love LATIN GUYS why?? because they are so fucking hot and have a fucking big dick!and because they know how to dance and….we dont sell fucking cheap ass weed because as ignorant as you are did you know that the best weed come from latin american countries!!!!! just to let you MARICON! (AND IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANs GOOGLE IT ASSHOLE) =)

  • Guest

    Urg, it’s so ARROGANT of women to only date one race. But it’s not at all arrogant of men to not date a woman because she has a small dog, or has bangs, or wears TOMS. Geez.

  • Lukalost

    There IS a such thing as preference. You can’t get mad at a lesbian fro ONLY preferring women, and yes exclusivity can transfer to race instead of just gender. Granted there are certain dynamics which add to this such as superficiality, money, scope of attraction, (some women only act on their attraction to certain races) but this is not always the case like you’re insinuating. Some women GENUINELY only prefer a type that’s okay. If someone was discriminating in terms of employment or education or some sort of good will that is a bad thing but person preference is private. It sounds like you were dumped for someone of another race and you’re just mad about it.

  • Rae

    Listen here, why is dating a black guy a giant f u? I’m sure your black friends wouldnt appreciate that. Less and less people are racist so less and less parents don’t give a fuck. I’m Spanish AND black and I date everyone but my preference is white guys. And that WOULD be a giant f u to my dad cuz whites aren’t the best fkn race you piece of shit.
    And that “some girls parents would shake their white head..” Bullshit, wtf was that? So that whole segment was just focused on white girls?
    Also I love Latinos, they’re just fkn sexy. And I don’t smoke weed and I’m not poor sorry to disappoint
    I have a red flag for you, “hypocritical white racist”

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